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Application Phases

Are you wondering where you are in the application process? If so, we hope that you will find this outline to be helpful:
  1. Pending or no status displayed (Application 10% complete): You have started your application-- Education Abroad welcomes you!
  2. Approved By MSU, Pending Program Acceptance (Application 25% complete): You have initially completed all current documents required by MSU.  Have you submitted an application to the desired program via their website?
  3. Decision Made (Application 30% complete): You have received an email notifying you of a status change to your application and must now sign on to your application. Please read the decision letter, and confirm your participation.
    • Your application status will be updated according to your admission status to a program: Accepted to Program, Does Not Meet Academic Requirements, or Incomplete Application Past the Deadline
  4. Participation Confirmed (Application 50% complete): You have now confirmed your participation and will now have additional documents to complete.
    • If you are applying to a Short Term Faculty-Led Program, you are now committing to the non-refundable deposit.
  5. Ready for Departure (Application 100% complete): You are ready to depart for your program!  The Office of Education Abroad wishes you well during your international program and feel free to contact us with any questions!